Tech Specs

  1. Case Documents

    Case document - a maximum of (3) a three page PDF.

    Your case study document must be written off-line and uploaded as a completed document in PDF format. For information on criteria, please click here.

  2. Video Files

    Videos are to be supplied in H264 Quicktime Format. Specifications are as follows:

    • Format: Quicktime H.264
    • Extension: .mov
    • Data Rate: 8 Mbps
    • Audio: 16 bit, stereo, 48 000 khz

    Maximum length for any case video is 3 minutes.

    Maximum size for any upload is 2GB.

    *Note: Files must be QuickTime compatible and have the .mov file extension, if your file is not .mov format, please ensure that you do not change the file extension manually, as you must convert the file to the above specifications in order to guarantee that the file will play within the online judging environment. YouTube videos will not be accepted.

  3. Audio Files:

    • Radio spots are to be supplied in .mp3 format:
    • stereo
    • 128 kbps
  4. Images:

    • .pdf - 8.5 x 11 maximum size, without crop marks
    • .jpg - Less than 5000 pixels width and height
  5. Interactive:

    Any category where your entry is or contains interactive content, you are required to provide a URL link to the live web site.

    Password information must be provided for password protected sites.

    Remember the site must be live at the time of judging.

For questions or help regarding video files and formatting please contact:

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